Baby,Toddler and Big Girls spring holiday dress deals

Every year I bemoan the lack of girls’ Easter dresses that are appropriate for a Sunday in Chicago. This year the stores are carrying mostly sleeveless, and strappy sleeveless dresses at that…Fear not, I have managed to scare up some affordable charmers with a bit of a sleeve… but start hunting down that cardigan now!

Baby & Toddler Girls’ Dresses

1. Floral dress, 12M-2Y, $15.90, was $26.50,

2. Pumpkin Patch Tulia Tulip dress, 6/12M-24M, $39.50,

3. Embellished Jersey dress, 1.5Y-8Y, $14.95,

4. Marmellata Jacket dress, 3M-9M, $18.75 was $25,

5. Youngland Woven dress & knit shrug, 12M-24M, $16.50 was $22,

6. Ruffle Sailor Dress, 3/6M-5T, $19.24 was $34.95,

7. Checked dress, 3/6M-24/36M, $32.90,

Girls’ Dresses

1. Ponte di Roma dress, 2/3Y-13/14Y, $29.90,

2. Disorderly Kids Dot Flounce dress, 7-16 plus, $16.00, was $32,

3. Striped ponte dress, 12/18M-4Y, $19.99, was $26.95,

4. Lily Floral Sash dress, XS-XL, $19.99, was $26.95,

5. Pinky Floral Lace dress, 7-16, $18.75, was $25,

6. Tiered Ruffle Tee dress, 8-14, $24.50, was $39.50,

7. Pleated Lace Combo dress, XS-XL, $21.90,

8. Bright Side dress, 10/24M-12, $30, was $42,

9. Flower Ribbon dress, 3-12, $17.14, was $34.95,


Check out my Pinterest board entitled Kids’ Easter & Passover dress-up bargains for more options and ideas for spring!


What are your favorite colors for dressing up for Easter or Passover? Do you favor pastels, neutrals or brights?



  1. Sasha says:

    It is really weird that there are so many sleeveless dresses for Easter, it’s not like there are only short sleeved shirts for boys! I noticed the same trend during Christmas, is it so consumers are forced to buy a sweater also?

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