5 Cool Products that benefit Autism Awareness resources


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) affect 1 in 88 children. Chances are you know a kid or family affected by one of the various diagnoses. Annually, the average extra costs for care of a child with ASD average at roughly $60,000 per family.

Nonprofit organizations fund research and offer support to families that lack the financial resources to help their children flourish. Why not show your support with a purchase of an item that profits the groups that are providing relief to families in need.

I adore the puzzle piece motif, but there are some items that show your allegiance with the cause with more subtlety. My picks follow, but check out the sites for more products…every purchase gives back during Autism Awareness Month!

Coleman Light It Up Blue LED lantern, $29.99


The Light It Up Blue LED lantern from Coleman will help you show support and awareness during Autism Awareness Month. Let the lantern shine on the blue setting in the window of your home or business, symbolically shining a light on the unique talents and abilities of people with ASD. After April, it can be used on the white or blue setting in an attic, campsite, treehouse, or anywhere you need extra light!



Girls’ Baseball Raglan tee, $28





Boys’ Baseball Raglan tee, $28






This baseball style jersey from Sevenly.com is perfect for all kids. Both colors are bright and beautiful-for your boy or girl. Pick up one for his/her siblings as a reward for being supportive!

La Folie necklace, $49, stelladot.com




The natural color variation of the smoky quartz & amethyst gems in the La Folie necklace make each one unique. Stella & Dot’s textured gold-plated brass teardrop is a lovely focal point for casual & dressy outfits. Make a dent in your Mother’s Day gift lift this April and a portion of the proceeds will go to the HollyRod Foundation.




Why not gift a friend who is dealing with the challenge of parenting an ASD kid with a bottle of One Hope Wine‘s 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon? The gift and tacit show of solidarity will be appreciated!

2011 One Hope Cabernet Sauvignon, $18.99/bottle, onehopewine.com



Keep Calm and Shine On cinch bag, $5.50, autismspeaks.org






This lightweight cinch bag is perfect for toting a few extras and can be tucked in a locker or a glove box when not in use. Buy a few extras to share since the price is light on the wallet!


I learned a great deal putting together this post, and there is so much more to know! For more products,events and resources, take a look at my Autism Awareness Month board on Pinterest.


Give yourself a pat on the back because all forms of charity are necessary and valued! What is your favorite way to support a cause? Do you like to write a check, donate goods or services, or volunteer? 


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