Vet visit freebies to show your love on National Pet Day!



Yesterday was National Pet Day, and the best gift you can give a pet beyond daily love and attention, is the gift of good health. I have been lucky to share my life with mutts and alley cats that have seemed impervious to any prolonged afflictions. When they’re happy & active, you let those appointments lapse, and before you know it, their last checkup was 18 months ago!

Two national veterinary hospital chains that are currently offering a free first visit coupon for new customers. Added together, that’s 1,340 locations nationwide-hopefully one is a short distance away…603109_591711134179770_762516090_n


Banfield Pet Hospital is conveniently located inside PetSmart stores, the “big box” of pet supply stores. If you need one-stop shopping with easy access to day camp, supplies, boarding, training and medicines, this might work for you. Make sure to sign up for PetPerks to earn customer rewards, deal alerts and a treat on your pet’s birthday! Go here to find the branch closest to you. Just fill out the form to get the coupon to bring to your first scheduled exam, and the exam is FREE!




VCA Animal Hospitals are national stand-alone vet facilities with locations in 41 states. You won’t have the temptation and hassle of walking through a superstore, so this is a benefit for pets who have more anxiety about the process. If you’re a prospective client, go here to fill out the form for a FREE first pet exam!




Does anyone have the lowdown on pet insurance…is it worth the cost? How about 47846_10152555590460596_1778487764_nprescription medicine programs, are they any cheaper than at the vet’s office? My pets low-maintenance over-the-counter types, so please share your insight with me!


  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for the tip! You put out some really good tips and I would love to know how you do it!

  2. Jen-lo says:

    My dog thanks you!

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